Ancestor Liberation / Blessing

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Ancestor Liberation / Blessing


Ancestor Liberation / Blessing 목록

  1. What happens to the ancestors that finished the 100-day workshop but are not blessed yet?

    They are waiting eagerly to be blessed. This also applies to the single spirits and spirits whose spouses are still living on earth.
  2. Can I split the bowing conditions with my family members?

    It is best for the person doing the liberation to do the conditions, but if for some reason (eg. health problems) one cannot do them, people of the same lineage or the spouse can help with the conditions.
  3. What if a famous person is liberated more than once?

    The first person is still the spiritual parent, but they help the 1st and 2nd liberators equally. You can check if someone has already been liberated at the registration window in Cheongpyeong.
  4. I already liberated and blessed 1-7 generations a long time ago, but my mother passed away recently. Is there anything I need to do?

    You need to apply for her liberation as “person who passed away after liberation.” The donation needed is a donation of gratitude. If your father has also passed away already, they can receive the blessing after 100 days.
  5. My father passed away but my mother is still alive. I liberated and blessed 1-7 generations. Who is my father blessed to?

    Your father has not received the blessing yet. He has to wait until your mother to go to the spirit world and after she is liberated, or until she applies for spirit world and physical world blessing.
  6. Can I liberate my spouse’s ancestors even if he/she is not present?

    For members living outside Korea and Japan, yes it is possible. Originally, you could not represent your spouse unless the spouse 1) is in spirit world, 2) is seriously ill, or 3) is against the church.  

    But because it is difficult for international members to come to Cheongpyeong, Dae Mo Nim has allowed international members to liberate and bless for their spouses even if they are not present. But please keep in mind that if you do not participate in the holy song session, even if the ancestors are liberated, the spirits inside your body are liberated. Whenever Dae Mo Nim comes to your country or continent, both spouses should attend. 

  7. My father is an adopted child. Can I liberate his adoptive parents' lineage?

    You cannot do your parents' adoptive parents' lineages. They must be liberated one by one as collaterals.
  8. Who is liberated when I apply for ancestor liberation?

    The lineage we talk about here are blood lineages, not name lineages. It is our bloodlines that Dae Mo Nim traces back to find our ancestors to liberate them. So when you do ancestor liberation, even if we were raised by adopted parents, the 'father's side' means your biological father's lineage, and 'mother's side' means your biological mother's lineage.
  9. How can I find out my liberation records?

    Please ask for your liberation record to the following.
    Tel: +82-31-589-7133, 7053
    Please write your full name in the 'subject'
    In the message include the following; country, full name of husband and wife, blessing group, other family members doing the liberation with you, and your request.
  10. How can I liberate my friend?

    Collateral liberation is the liberation of a person that is not your direct lineage. You cannot do collateral liberation unless you have liberated and completed the liberation donation for 1~7 generations on your father’s side.
  11. Would my ancestors be liberated even if I havn't completed the conditions?

    Yes, your ancestors will be liberated. However, normally ancestors will not be liberated if you havn't done your conditions. Therefore, Dae Mo Nim has to offer thousands of bows and then look for our ancestors. It is such a burden for her. Please, even after the Ancestor Liberation Ceremony complete your conditions accrodingly.