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Heavenly Latin America Branch in Argentina: A smell of ancestors2019-03-04


[M.S. (blessed), Argentina]
“In the first session of chanyang I felt that an ugly smell came out of my chest, and in the second too. The more it hit, the more smell came out. I also felt the presence of the ancestors that were coming. They seemed like children, happy for the grace of True Parents.
When I went out to nature to pray after the Ancestor Liberation Ceremony, my body, especially my lips, were swollen. I felt that I had several spiritual bodies stuck in my being. I prayed for a few minutes looking at nature. Suddenly I felt a soft and fresh breeze. Then the swelling disappeared from my lips and the spirits that were present in my body as well.
Throughout the workshop, I felt a lot of gratitude and clarity for the purpose for which I am in providence, in the community of True Parents. I felt that together with the ancestors we can be victorious to fulfill the goal horizontally and vertically. It seems like I took an important role because I am an absolute representative for my ancestors. I am determined to work to fulfill the goal of heavenly tribal messiah. Thanks for your grace, I will be a rebirth for my spiritual life.”

(Tour 2019: Heavenly Latin America Branch Training Center Workshop in Argentina)