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228th 40-day Wrokshop: Spiritual experience during chanyang2019-03-04


[J.C. (20s), France]
“While climbing the Cheonseung Dae, I could feel True Mother's love for humankind and True Mother's heart to forgive all of us and embrace us. I had one more strong spiritual experience. After I saw the new portrait of Heung-jin nim and Hyo-jin nim wearing royal clothes at Jeongshim Won prayer hall, I attended morning chanyang session and a Japanese lecturer came to me to remove the evil spirits on my head. I could see him placing a silver crown on my head. And next chanyang session in the evening, the same thing happened. But this time, a Korean lecturer came to me and he was placing a golden crown on my head! It was for me like being part of the royal family. Then every day I felt getting closer to True Parents.”