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The Inauguration Ceremony for Heavenly Asia Branch: True Father just came to me in my dream2019-03-03


[CIG Special Envoy Dr. Lek Thaveetermsakul, Thailand]
“Today has been a very special day of Grace and Blessing, as we have officially opened the Heavenly Asia Pacific Branch Training Center and inauguration of the Branch President here in Pakchong Training Center, Thailand, with the participation of our Special Envoys and National Leaders from Heavenly Asia Pacific and many blessed families in Thailand.
Yesterday morning, just one day before the inauguration ceremony, I had a dream of True Father. It is not so often that I had dream of True Father, but True Father just came to me in my dream. I was very impressed with two events in the dream.
It seemed like True Father came to Thailand for some special event. True Father looked very young, handsome and smart. I was with True Father and only few people around, and suddenly True Father was very happy and started to sing his favorite song of “Gohyang Mujeung (Song of Hometown)”. I was trying to sing along together with him and then after that I started to sing the Korean song that I know, Boribat (The field of Barleys) and True Father was singing along together with me, even though almost nobody was around. I felt so close to True Father.
After that True Father passed by a Buddhist temple, suddenly he stopped and paid such a great respect to Buddha. I was so surprised by his sincere expression.
When I woke up I was thinking about the meaning of the dream. I told to my wife about my dream and she said True Father was very grateful to Buddha who has been helping and working so hard in Thailand and in Buddhist countries for Heavenly Parent’s providence.
I came to realize that Buddha also must have been working very hard to support us all along. It has not been easy in the past but now we can see that the gate of heavenly tribal messiahs’ providence was opened up in Buddhist Kingdom of Thailand and spread throughout Asia Pacific and all over the world now.
So I believed that True Father in Heaven was with us today during the opening event and he was very happy and blessed this event today.
True Father and True Mother represent Heaven and Earth, and they are one, so Heaven and Earth are one. True Father working in Heaven and True Mother working on Earth, as substantial Holy Spirit of Heavenly Mother, to give substantial rebirth to all humankind.
True Mother loves Thailand and invests in this Pak-chong Training center. True Mother also visited Thailand, proclaimed and opened the Realm of Heavenly Fortune of Asia Pacific from Thailand. And again now True Mother extends and expands the Branch of heavenly in the Era of Heavenly Asia Pacific here in Pak-chong in Thailand. Just like when we launched heavenly tribal messiah providence, True Father came to us in the dream, he was very happy and very grateful that we took the initiation and we could break through with heavenly tribal messiah providence in Thailand and then the heavenly tribal messiah providence could expand to Asia Pacific and to the world with the great support and sincere devotion of our True Mother.
This time, True Father also appeared in my dream. He was very happy and singing song and showed his appreciation and gratitude. So, the Heavenly Asia Pacific Branch Training Center in Pakchong Thailand is also to spread heavenly fortune and resurrection not only in Thailand but for the Heavenly Asia Pacific, for the world and for Heaven and Earth and Humankind.
HJ Heaven and Earth CheonBo Training Center really represents the substantial expansion of the work of Holy Spirit of True Mother to the world. It is the work of healing, nurturing and resurrection of heaven and earth and humankind.
In the last days, the world is full of spiritual and physical pollution that bring about spiritual and physical illness and disease. Therefore, the Opening and the Inauguration today, represent the substantial expansion and settlement of True Mother’s work of substantial Holy Spirit of Heavenly Mother side of Heavenly Parent, that all humankind have been waiting for so long throughout the history.
I think that is why True Father has come to be with me in my dream and with us during this historic and blessed event today, to share his joy, blessing and congratulations with us.
We again truly offer our deepest gratitude and appreciation to our True Father, True Mother and Heavenly Parent.
May the wish and dream of Heavenly Parent and True Parents be realized even faster throughout Heavenly Asia Pacific and bring joy and liberation to our Heavenly Parent and True Parents.
May Heavenly Parent and True Parents’ love, guidance and heavenly fortune be with all of us, with Heavenly Asia Pacific and throughout Heaven, Earth and Humankind.”