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The Inauguration Ceremony for Heavenly Asia Branch: I saw my two ancestors come to visit me2019-02-28


[Ms. V.T.]
“I would like to tell my experience while I was in hospital (for heart surgery). Before I received heart surgery for 3 days (after recovery from symptom of heart attack), I got the feeling about somebody massage and did acupuncture to my backbone, waist and leg before receiving surgery.  I told to the nurse that nowadays hospital bed has very modern technology to do massage for patient but I could not find the button for push start. So, I asked the nurse where the button for control massage system of this bed is. The nurse said, “our hotel bed is normal bed. We don’t have bed that have massage machine.” Then, I came to realize that this is because of medical angels from HJ Heaven and Earth CheonBo Training Center. After I received heart surgery (very big wound in middle of the chest), next morning at 6 am, I woke up and saw the tube for helping breathing in my mouth. Then, I told the nurse that I felt so hot, can you bring the fan that can give the wind to my body. But the nurse said there was no fan. I said again and again that I felt so hot…and hot. Suddenly, I realized that there was one piece of cloth that covered from my left leg to my foot and another piece of cloth covering my shoulder and it moved to my arm. This cloth had blue color. I touched that cloth, it is very soft and different from other hospital cloth. I realized that cloth was like a wave that created wind to make me feel comfortable. This really comforted my mind. After nurse took out the tube that was in my mouth, that cloth became disappeared. I tried to ask nurse not to stop that air because I felt very comfortable. But nurse said she just took the tube out from my mouth, she did not shut down or take out any other thing.
After surgery for 3 days, I realized that medical angels continued to do massage and acupuncture at my backbone, waist, legs, both of my cheeks and my shin. I saw my two ancestors come to visit me, encouraged me and touched my arms and hands. When the specialist who did physical therapy for me came, he asked me whether my back pain is still bad or not. I told him that I did not feel pain on my back but he did not believe. He used his hand to knock my back and he said, “normally anyone who received heart surgery must feel pain at their back. You are so lucky person that you don’t have any problem with yours.” I would like to express my gratitude to all brothers and sisters who encouraged me, love me and prayer for me with sincere heart. My heart will never forget and to memorize forever.”

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