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The Inauguration Ceremony for the Heavenly Africa Branch: A feeling I never had before2019-02-26


 [Ms. A.M. (30000 couple), Swaziland]
“On both the first and the second day of ancestor liberation, I offered my heart to Heavenly Parent and True Parent so that all could go the heavenly way. I did not anticipate any miracle or experience as I thought it would be too early to expect such. After losing close to 11 kilos of my body weight last year due to sickness, I felt so much afraid that removing my evil spirits in my body during the chanyang, it would worsen the situation. However, the motivation that I had overcame the fear. On the first day, I literally tapped my body without pity and I was ready for another chanyang session on the same day, but each day had only one session.
On the second day, after receiving a set of explanations on how to sing and clap, I made sure that I put all that information into practice to get good results thus fulfilling the purpose of the chanyang session. As I attended chanyang in a more systematic and conducive manner, I realized after sometimes that there was a stream of blood on both palms of my hands. At first notice, I did not mind it as I thought it was normal due to the clapping. But something came in mind to check again my palms, which is when I realized that the streams were truly red, running from the third of major finger toward the wrist. Strange enough, at each look, I cried profusely, could not sing and felt like rolling myself on the floor. This happened about 4 times and I got so shocked that during the final part when inviting ancestors by supporting the left hand with the right one, I did not hear very well what the instruction was because my full attention was on my palms.
Truly, a feeling I never had before. It came as if I had to scream at the top of my voice and roll myself. Only by looking at the palms. They were not painful.
Immediately after I was again soaked into tears as the last music was played. At the end of the chanyang. I did not even think of looking at the palms or remember what happened. Not even while in the prayer room. Only later on in the evening, it came as an alarm and I shared it with sisters in the room. By then, the streams had been cleared.”

(The Inauguration Ceremony for the Heavenly Africa Branch Training Center)