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Heavenly Asia Branch: My ancestors in the spirit world who are excited to be liberated2019-02-10


“First of all, 3 days before the event, I dreamed consecutively about heavenly tribal messiahs delegates preparing to go to the venue with 5 buses. The first night was about the 5 buses, the second night was my heavenly tribal messiahs members are preparing to board the buses, and on the last third night which was the exciting part of my dream, night before the start of the event, they were all on board the 5 buses and start moving to the venue. I shared it with my wife on the first and second night of my dream of the same scenario but she never put meaning on it but she just commented that maybe it was all my ancestors preparing to be liberated and to be blessed.
At first, I’m just wondering later about the color of the 5 buses because they were all color red with white stripe horizontally. But in my actual preparation, I didn’t prepared any buses for my heavenly tribal messiahs tribe but I only prepared 12 heavenly tribal messiahs couples and never even arranged any transportation for them to go to the venue because I told them to take care their own fare to reach the venue. They all come by their own using public utility vehicle called Jeepney.
I almost didn’t give attention much the meaning of my dream but focus on attending my 12 heavenly tribal messiahs couple members who came with some of them bringing along with their children. During the first day event, I invested my time to attend to them, explaining the meaning of chanyang yeoksa, its benefit and how it worked once done with devotion and sincerity… They seems understood my explanation and all of them follow religiously… I tried to remove evil spirits to each one of them and even to their children and in one occasion, I focus doing tapping on one of the husband heavenly tribal messiahs member on the back and later he told me that the pain of his back which he always complain suddenly he didn’t feel pain anymore… I thought he is just joking but even today when I again ask him about his back, he told me that he is now ok and felt his back pain was healed. Only then I realized, that maybe because of his experienced that the rest of my heavenly tribal messiahs members become so serious in doing removal of evil spirits including their children.
Another experienced was when I tapped on the head of the leader of my heavenly tribal messiahs tribe and later he told me that his headache and was healed and become alive. Later, as I ask their experiences when I drove them to the jeepney terminal for their transportation back to their home, they told me that they are grateful about being invited and was happy about the whole event but become more interested to also liberate and blessed their ancestors too in the future. They are all attracted to the whole process of the two days’ event.
To sum up, I don’t know exactly the meaning of the 5 buses that I dreamed 3 consecutive nights before the event but I felt that it was all my ancestors in the spirit world who are excited to be liberated and blessed because later I realized that I never been making an effort to extend beyond 210 generations but become relax on my intention to further liberate and blessed my ancestors beyond 210 generations. True Mother is completely right in Her guidance and in Her own word about “truth and spirit” in our family movement worldwide that vertically we need to liberated and blessed 430 generations of ancestors and vertically we also need to horizontally liberate and blessed 430 heavenly tribal messiahs for us to accomplish our responsibility as blessed couple and become a model heavenly tribal messiahs tribe, expand it to model town, model city, model province, and a model nation called Cheon Il Guk -  Heavenly Parents’ and True Parents’ wish and dream. I’m very grateful indeed that the grace of Cheongpyeong has come again, thank you True Mother.”
 (Heavenly Asia Pacific Branch Training Center: Hyojeong Cheongpyeong Special Philippines Event in Manila)