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Heavenly Asia Branch: All spirits are surrounding me2019-02-10


“I lost connection with unification church for 21 years. I felt so empty, though I was not connected to the center I am always thinking of the church. I was a member and was in a mobile fundraising team before.
I’ve got a family from outside but we are blessed now. Through my niece, I became connected to Unification church again and continuously connect myself and now, I was able to attend Hyojeong Cheongpyeong together with my child. While having chanyang session, I felt like all spirits are surrounding me, it was cold and I felt they touched me and raised me, for a second I was out of myself, that’s what I felt.
I was sick and the doctor told me that I have a lung cancer and its already stage 4. Before I came here, I dreamt that Heavenly Parent tap my back, this happened after my biopsy. And the thing is, it was really real that my back was tapped just how I dreamt it. The result of my biopsy was negative in cancer, the doctor doesn’t want to believe that I don’t have a cancer, because I really have a tumor in my lungs. So now they want me to go back to Manila to go finish all the test. I know through True Parents all of this will be gone.” 

(Heavenly Asia Pacific Branch Training Center: Hyojeong Cheongpyeong Special Philippines Event in Manila)