The Hyojeong Cheonwon Cheongpyeong Holy Ground is a propitious place (Cheongpyeong Holy Ground Pilgrimage by Taiwan Interreligious Association for Peace and Development) > 간증

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The Hyojeong Cheonwon Cheongpyeong Holy Ground is a propitious place (Cheongpyeong Holy Ground Pilgrimage by Taiwan Interreligious Association for Peace and Development)2018-11-02


[Senior leader in a new religious order in Taiwan, and Major Counselor of the I Ching Association, Mr. M.L. (70s)]
“Actually, I have admired and praised the work of the Family Federation for a long time since I first received a pamphlet and became acquainted with their activities. Based on that connection, I came to Korea this time, and my visit here has given me a much broader understanding and viewpoint of the Family Federation and its work.
I am an expert in the study of feng shui. When I look from the view point of feng shui principles, this Hyojeong Cheonwon Cheongpyeng Holy Ground is in a location with many good feng shiu attributes. Yesterday President Gi-seong Lee said that Rev. and Mrs. Moon invested a lot of time in finding a favorable location. The 4th floor of the Hyojeong Café (observatory) we are in now has the Cheonshim Lake and mountains in its front, which means it is in an auspicious, favorable location.
But I felt something completely different when we visited the Cheon Jeong Gung Museum. As soon as we entered the magnetic field of Cheon Jeong Gung, I felt goosebumps all over my body. Since I have trained myself intensely, I respond strongly to very large magnetic fields. This made me eager to study the geographical attributes of the location. If we describe the mountain behind the palace using the feng shui term “black tortoise mountain (玄武山),” the mountain on the left will be a “blue dragon mountain (青龍山),” and the mountain on the right would be a “white tiger mountain (白虎山).” The mountain in front would be called a “idea mountain (案山).” According to the “dragon, hole, sand and water (龍穴砂水)” characteristics of the site, you can see that it is a good location. Right behind the dragon (龍) is the place where electrical energy (電) comes out, and at Cheon Jeong Gung if there were no change to the rise and fall (起伏), it would be a place where the hole (穴) would have no conclusion. But in this location, the dragon point and the hole point are in the same place, meaning that it nearly fulfills the configuration of more than five mountains, and the mountain range below gives it very strong magnetic field. In the morning when I visited Cheon Jeong Gung for the first time, I was still a little dubious, but when we took the boat pilgrimage on CheonShim Lake later in the day, I could see elephants (象) on both sides of the palace. I could really see elephants. In Buddhism, elephants are a class of Samantabhadra (普賢菩薩), and they work to rescue humanity through acts of charity. The elephant Samantabhadra (普賢菩薩) are the greatest of the Bodhisattvas who live for the sake of the salvation of humankind. 
People have faith in a religion because of their connection to it. Today we have gathered ten religions from Taiwan in one place. You must not criticize other religions because of your attachment to your own religion. You must respect other people's faith. The Family Federation has been very successful in advocating for world peace. I saw photographs of Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han when they were young. It pained my heart to think about that dark time in the history of Korea, when there was not enough to eat. They received the call of Heaven and immediately made the difficult determination to follow God's Will.
This land was purchased about 50 years ago, but if you tried to buy it today, that would not be an easy matter. While serving as religious leaders Rev. and Mrs. Moon were able to anticipate the trends of the future, and what would happen to the Soviet Union. Though they did not study Feng Shui, they were able to find a favorable location using their intuition. With this favorable location spacious enough to accommodate a huge army as a base, the Family Federation has been able to reach out to the entire world for the first time. I want to extend my gratitude to Rev. and Mrs. Moon for developing this large area with its strong magnetic field. Their philosophy is that all religions should set aside their rigid ideological differences for the sake of world peace. We need to work together to combat illegal drugs, solve the ills of society and address confusion regarding sexual behavior. Morality and filial devotion are most important. These ideals are common to all religions. Let us all work together for peace and for the salvation of society. We have gathered here today, ten religions from Taiwan, to move toward a global village together.
This is a very large dragon hole, and the place where we did chanyang yesterday (Chinhwa Education Building A) is also a small dragon hole. These dragon holes are connected with many earthly veins. Many of the buildings built here had the special feng shui structural features but Rev. and Mrs. Moon probably chose this place by inspiration from the Holy Spirit, not by feng shui. The “dragon tiger sand” land is beautiful, the geographical locations of the buildings are favorable, the “blue dragon” is high and the “white tiger” is low, but the cut stones on the facing peak give murderous energy (殺氣). Fortunately, the Tree of Love that is on the other side of Seonin Peak (仙人峰, Hermit Peak) is able to block that dark energy so this area is in good harmony. In other words, the Tree of Love gives very long spiritual energy to the Jeongshim Won, making it an extremely good place to pray.”