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Cheongpyeong Works released my deeply hid hatred2018-09-20


[Ms. M.L. (400 million couple, 30s), Malaysia]
“Thanks to the grace and help from our Heavenly Parent, True Parents and absolute good spirits, I could attend the 40-day workshop. It’s miraculous grace.
I’m Malaysian and blessed with a Cambodian brother. I have been a full-time member for five years and am trying to walk the path of Heavenly Parent’s will.
I haven’t been very happy in my life, not having felt loved or appreciated by my parents and siblings when I was young. My dad was a drunkard and my mom was a gambler and I witnessed them arguing and hitting each other hard. My eldest sister had the responsibility to take care of her eight siblings, and under this pressure, she developed a very violent and hot temper. My twin sister and I were abused by our elder sister since we were young and finally she kicked us out of the home. The same elder sister whipped me so hard that it left several scars on my back. I often thought how I could make money, so I could hire a lawyer when I grew up and sue her. The bad memories of the past kept me really unhappy and I also hurt others with my words.
Through principled education, True Parents have taught me to love people and forgive my enemies, but it's just intellectual understanding. Deep in my heart, I still want to take revenge on my elder sister and want her to experience the pain I suffered in my childhood. I still have not forgiven her.
My husband and I started family last year, but my resentment had not been resolved and this formed a family with the same bad temper. My unpleasant past was passed to my beloved husband. My husband is a loving man, so I decided to repent and change and return my husband's constant love and tolerance.
I decided to thoroughly repent and was able to come to the Hyojeong Cheongpyeong Blessed Wives 40-day workshop. I hope to be able to love and speak with love, and care for and respect others around me. I have tried to repent, and my heart has eased a lot. I worked hard during the changyang, wrote Hyojeong Offering Papers and have almost lost my grudge against my elder sister. The angels in the spirit world taught me how to forgive and unload the hatred and embrace her. By doing hoondokhae, devotion, strengthening my mind and taking responsibility, Heavenly Parent told me and encouraged me to have good relationships with my family, elder sister and others.
After so much teaching and love, my heart overflowed with love and a way was opened to love the people who hurt me. My Heavenly Parent and True Parents instructed me to inherit their winning heart and sincerity and practice their teachings to restore my family through love. I will love my husband more and become a good wife and a good mother and try to fulfill what the True Parents expect us to do.
I would like to express my sincere thanks, because through the Cheongpyeong Works, the hatred hiding so deeply in my heart has been released. I will try to fulfill my five percent responsibility and will complete things that I haven't finished. Aju.”
(The writer attended the Hyojeong Cheongpyeong Great Works Commemorating the 6th Anniversary of the Holy Ascension of Sun Myung Moon, the True Parent of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind.)