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Special Removal of Evil Spirits: Original Garden of Eden2018-09-20


 [Lithuania, Mr. R.T.]
“This year I am participating in the Special Great Works twice. When I made my pilgrimage to the Tree of Blessing this time, I read True Parents words on the stones and each place where a stamp was needed. I climbed the mountain by the stairs keeping in mind that True Parents made a lot of sincere devotion for their victorious global foundation. From the top of the mountain I could see the beautiful Cheonshim Lake, It was so wonderful, like the original garden of Eden. Seeing the golden lichen near the Tree of Loyalty was so nice and I felt free. I stopped at each holy tree and prayed to Heavenly Parent that His dream could be fulfilled by us, His children. It is really beautiful to visit Cheongpyeong, especially during different seasons and to experience the beauty of God’s homeland.
The first day I attended the changyang I was tired and wanted to sleep. The staff and the changyang team were working and singing with such determination that I was moved by their sincere devotion to Heaven. I felt that True Father was working through them and my tiredness and sleepiness disappeared. I joined in the clapping and singing enthusiastically to separate evil spirits from me.
I was not sure what to write on the Hyojeong Offering Paper and during the next changyang the answer came as I shed tears, that I should help those in need. I wrote two offering papers for blessed families that I know, who are trying to overcome their burdens. I wish that they can become happy blessed families and continue God’s lineage. I think this is God’s wish for all of His beloved children. During the changyang the good spiritual world was mobilized, pushing me to live for the sake of others.
I liked how the chanyang team leaders passionately shout, “Aboji”, “Omoni” loudly and sincerely. This I believe mobilizes the good spiritual world. My good friend hit my back and shoulders hard, but with love. Through repeating the devotional activities, I felt more gratitude to be able to purify myself.
Thank you, True Parents, for showing us the way of direct dominion.
I enjoyed looking over True Parents’ and True Family’s photos in the Sunhak Institute of History. When I heard True Father’s audio voice, I experienced True Father being there live. I am amazed at how much of God's love and grace True Parents accumulated and loved the world.
Every time I visit Cheongpyeong, I experience spring anew in my heart. This is the very best place to schedule in our planner. Thank you, True Parents, for your incredible efforts. Aju.”
(The writer attended the Hyojeong Cheongpyeong Great Works Commemorating the 6th Anniversary of the Holy Ascension of Sun Myung Moon, the True Parent of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind.)