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Special Removal of Evil Spirits: I found the Parent and Child relationship2018-09-20


[Philippines, Ms. S.N.(20s)]
“I can still remember how I felt as I shed tears almost every time I prayed in the Jeongshim Won prayer hall. I have never shed tears when I prayed. My prayer became so sincere and I had so many thoughts especially about my life as a 2nd gen. Honestly, even though I’m a 2nd gen. I am not perfect. I make mistakes and I fail in my responsibilities. This was one thing I’m grateful about being here in Cheongpyeong. And in fact, it made me feel really good because praying here in Cheongpyeong makes me feel really close to God. Only here in Cheongpyeong could I realize and understand my relationship with Heavenly Parent and True Parents, and this is the parent-child relationship. I am truly grateful. During chanyang-honestly I am not a very spiritual person, and I don’t easily believe in spiritual phenomenon. But I swear, every time after chanyang, I feel so heavenly. I feel so clean and my body feels so light. I feel like all my life I was carrying a heavy load on my back and through chanyang I was able to put all this off and breathe freely. Again, you will never know unless you try.
Being here in Cheongpyeong is a very wonderful opportunity for me, because I get to renew myself. That is why for every chance I get to come here I always do my best. I want to be closer to God, to feel God’s heart and give thanks to Cheongpyeong Great Works. I get to experience all of these things. I’m so much grateful to our Heavenly Parent and True Parents for giving us such blessing and grace such as this Cheongpyeong Training Center. I will definitely come back here again. Thank you.”

(The writer attended the Hyojeong Cheongpyeong Great Works Commemorating the 6th Anniversary of the Holy Ascension of Sun Myung Moon, the True Parent of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind.)