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Writing wish papers brings victory for a heavenly tribal messiah2018-01-24


[Mr. N.S. (Staff at the FFWPU International Headquarters, Thailand)]

“In 2015, a Nadun District officer in the Maha Sarakham region of Thailand named Mr. Ronnachit Phuttalain became associated with our church through my spiritual parents. His third daughter was married more than three years ago, but she was unable to have a baby. As he had heard about Cheongpyeong and I was on staff at the Cheong Jung Gung, he asked me to write a HyoJeong wish paper for him. I did as he asked last year, for his third daughter. Within a few months, I heard about her pregnancy; soon afterwards, she gave birth. This became our connection, so I went to Thailand with his support and I witnessed to 430 couples who were blessed on December 23, 2017. There were 40 couples from each village in 14 villages who attended the blessing. I am grateful to True Parents who opened up this amazing blessing for us.
I also found an old blind man who was 79 years old at the blessing ceremony. He said his deceased wife showed up out of nowhere and guided him somewhere. After walking about 8 kilometers, he arrived at the destination, which was the place of the Blessing ceremony. She showed up spiritually and said, “I need to get married again, here.” He attended the blessing ceremony with his wife. I realized that now is the age of being able to have this kind of cooperation from the spirit world and that Cheongpyeong is the driving force to achieve Vision 2020 along with True Parents.”