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I feel God’s grace and presence with me2018-01-16


[Ms. J.R. (Feb. 20, 2016 Couple, 20s), USA]

“My experience here so far has been such a p positive experience. It is my first time in Cheongpyeong (since2000), and I was very nervous in the beginning. However, I knew that these 40 days would fly by, so I really dedicated myself and put in a lot of conditions in order to receive some experiences from Heavenly Parent. I came with the desire to find my true, original self and knew this would take a lot of work. I offer 120 bows and climb to the Holy Ground every day. Sometimes exceeding this with 210 bows and climbing up twice.
I have felt the presence of the spirit world since I first entered Cheongpyeong. When I pray at Jeongshim Won, I get a shiver sensation even though I am not cold. This happens every time I pray without fail. I feel God’s grace and presence with me. When we offered a special prayer in Dae Mo Nim’s prayer room, I felt this sensation again, but so much stronger. I was overcome with emotions and was moved to tears instantly.
Each time I offer a prayer or condition, I feel closer to God, I know it will take continued practice in daily life, but little by little I am growing my spirit and am becoming my true original self. I am so grateful to be here in Cheongpyeong receiving this special grace from Heavenly Parent and True Parents. I was so negative and self-centered before coming here, and so impatient with those around me. My goal is to embody the heart of True Parents and love all humanity as God does. I already see my outlook changing to a positive one. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience.”