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Heavenly Asia Pacific Branch: 12-day HJ Divine Principle Workshop Graduation2019-05-14



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From April 20 to May 1, the 12-day HJ Divine Principle Workshop was held at the Pak-chong Training Center in Thailand with 70 participants (2nd gen: 17 participants). On the first day, on April 20, Lecturer Edgar Tanate, Heavenly Asia Pacific Branch Training Center, gave a lecture about Hyojeong CheonBo Works and Supervisor Prasert Phangam also gave a lecture about ancestor liberation and blessing. On the fifth day, President In-cheon Kim, Heavenly Asia Pacific Branch Training Center gave a special lecture on Divine Principle.
In their spare time, they offered prayers at the holy ground and did chanyang in the evening as well. In addition, there were "MFT Mission" on April 29, "True Parents' Life Course" lecture on April 30, "Witnessing Planning" session on April 30 and a Graduation Ceremony on May 1. Through this whole schedule, many participants could cleanse their spirits and minds, and restarted their lives as they experienced the Heavenly Works under True Parents' direct dominion.
Ms. J. (Thailand CARP Member) shared her testimony:
“Thanks Rev. Edgar Tanate for your lecture about your life of faith how you dedicate your condition with your heart to offer God and true parents eventhough your physical body is not ready but your heart want to offer to God until God miracles come to him. I reflect myself and think how hard I offered myself to God. Rev. Edgar Tanate lecture gave me inspiration to dedicate and be honest to God. This afternoon lecture I got inspired to do ancestors liberation as soon as possible and buy a house too. I want to join chanyang team because I feel the power and  the holy atmosphere. Thank you for today experience.”

Another participant Ms. J.k. (Thailand CARP Member) shared her spiritual experience as follows:
“Thank you true parents for today. This is my first time attending 12- day workshop. I felt very nervous but I offered devotional conditions before attending. I felt this place is a holy ground that Heavenly Parent and True Parents gave us with love. Mr. Prasert gave a lecture and took us in the prayer room, I felt that this room is a very holy place surround by holy spirit. It's an experience that I never felt before and whenever I have time I will come to pray to receive guidance and reflect myself. Thank you brother today for giving me inspiration to overcome every difficulty and reflect myself. Thank you for all the love of Heavenly Parent and True Parents that is at this place that we can revive our faith and create a strong faith.”