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Heavenly Latin America Hyojeong CheonBo Brazil Special Event Campo Grande-Region 12019-05-14


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On April 27–28, the Heavenly Latin America Branch Training Center held a Hyojeong CheonBo Special Event at Campo Grande in Brazil, Region 1. A total of 304 members attended this event.
On the first day, there was an opening remarks by Director Hae-ung, Jang, Campo Grande Church in Mato Grosso do Sul District, and the other programs followed: Cheon Il Guk Anthem, Gyeongbae, Family Pledge, Representative Prayer, Message by President Seong-nam Kim, Heavenly Latin America Branch Training Center and Prayer in Unison. On the second day, an Ancestor Liberation Ceremony was held, along with a Hyojeong Offering Ceremony and an Ancestor Blessing Ceremony. All the members participated solemnly in the Ancestor Blessing Ceremony wearing holy robes.
A participant shared a testimony after seeing True Parents reading our Hyojeong Offering Papers as follows:
“After offering a Hyojeong Offering Paper, spiritually I saw True Parents reading each of our Hyojeong Offering Papers in the prayer room. Then I saw two of my ancestors, each carrying a bag in their backs. I believe they were carrying the Hyojeong Offering Papers.
In the temple, during the Ancestors Liberation Ceremony, I saw a young man who does not want to do the liberation ceremony. He left the room and some spirit left follow him. His first intention was to jump the balcony, but he didn’t. They said that at the time of liberation no one can leave.”
We would like to share other testimonies of the participants who experienced grace during the events.


*Testimony: I heard Heavenly Parent’s voice
*Testimony: I felt that many spirits started to come out of the mouth
*Testimony: True Father appeared with a giant body standing behind us
*Testimony: Miracle of Hyojeong Offering Papers
*Testimony: My ancestors hugging me
*Testimony: True Parents standing behind the offering box in the clouds