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Great Works: Prayer of Gratitude for Victory of the Great Works2019-03-12


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On the third day of the Great Works, after the last chanyang session in the evening, all the participants offered a prayer of gratitude in unison and offered a round of applause to Heavenly Parent. Vice President Rev. Myong-kwan Lee urged those participating to maintain the high spirit of the Great Works after returning home, and to practice their life of faith there with sincerity.
“Firstly you should live a life of prayer and jeongseong (devotional acts). True Parents taught in The Way of God’s Will that “praying is breathing” and that “by praying daily, you can honestly confess to heaven,” along with “if you do not offer jeongseong after receiving heavenly grace, heaven will redeem it in its entirety.” So, if you want to preserve heavenly grace well, you need to live a life of prayer and jeongseong. Secondly, you should live a principled life. If you deviate from the Principle, you will fall into the pit of sin and your life will become dreadful as an undutiful and disloyal son or daughter. We should live a life based on True Parents’ teachings and the Principle. Thirdly, you should always live a life of gratitude. True Parents mentioned that a religious person should know how to shed tears of shame, gratitude and joy. Our tears of shame are repentance for our misdeeds and our shameful past before heaven, while tears of gratitude demonstrate that we are grateful for the many things we find in our daily lives. Lastly our tears of joy show that we realize how amazing and joyful our lives are because we live in this era when we can substantially attend True Parents. I hope you shed these three kinds of tears as you live your life. Fourthly you should live a public life. This can also be called a life of practice. Praying and jeongseong are the foundation of faith and practice is the foundation of substance. True Parents mentioned that the way to avoid losing the grace we receive is to, “practice ten times in your life what you prayed for one time.” A public life consists of attending worship services, offering donations, serving, and witnessing. To fulfill the mission of the heavenly tribal messiahs to bless 430 couples horizontally and 430 generations of ancestors vertically, we should maintain this kind of public life, going beyond the individual, family and tribe to stand as a representative for the nation. After returning to your home areas with the grace from the Great Works, please spread that grace to your family, church and mission area. When you can do that, the great grace and blessings of heaven will be a hundred times, a thousand times greater.” 

Here are some of the testimonies of grace that have been received.


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