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2018 Autumn Hyojeong Cheongpyeong Great Works2019-02-08


True Mother visited us four times to give amazing grace during the Great Works

During the blessed season of bearing abundant fruits, the victorious True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind officiated the entire three-day schedule of the 2018 Autumn Hyojeong Cheongpyeong Great Works (Great Works). On the first day (Oct. 19), True Parents visited the training center to officiate the Special Gathering of Japanese Missionaries in Korea (SGJMK). On the 2nd day (Oct. 20), True Parents directly officiated 2018 International Drone Expo, 2018 Hyojeong Offering Ceremony and 2018 YSP Hyojeong International Peace Youth Music Contest. Their grace has revived us from deep within. All the participants felt the love of True Parents. This amazing blessing and endless love of true love became the golden light and spread beyond Hyojeong Cheonwon (HC) to the ends of the earth.
37,000 members from 62 countries participated in the Great Works. We are really grateful that many participants remained in their seats from beginning to the end of the chanyang time and they could experience a lot of grace. The contents of the Great Works for 3 days, including the Hyojeong Offering Ceremony and Resolution Ceremony for Accomplishing the Heavenly Tribal Messiah Mission (HTMM), were progressed like follows:
*Opening Prayer * SGJMK Officiated by True Parents *Opening Ceremony *Fulfillment of Wishes Prayer *2018 International Drone Expo *2018 Hyojeong Offering Ceremony *2018 YSP Hyojeong International Peace Youth Music Contest *Tree of All Things Prayer *Ancestor Liberation Ceremony for 1-329 generations & Ancestor Blessing Ceremony for 1-322 generations *Special Removal of Evil Spirits through Chanyang *Holy Ground Pilgrimage for the Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune *Prayer of Gratitude
We would like to introduce the major news of this event and participants’ testimonies.



Opening Prayer
The Great Works began at 6:20 am on the first day with an opening prayer. Many worldwide members who are on their way to fulfilling the HTMM gathered at the Jeongshim Won prayer hall to attend the first event of the Great Works. They honored the event with great enthusiasm.
Vice President Myong-kwan Lee was the MC at the opening prayer. He informed the participants about the Gathering of the Japanese Missionaries in Korea on the first day and the 2018 Cheongpyeong International Hyojeong Festival, in attendance to True Parents at the CheongShim Peace World Center (CSPWC) on the second day. He also introduced the Tree of All Things Prayer, which was to be held on the second evening at the Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center (CPTC). Then the president of FFWPU for a Heavenly Korea and CPTC, Rev. Gi-seong Lee, read True Parents’ words from Understanding True Parents’ Cheongpyeong Providence II, p. 21, and gave the opening prayer as follows:
“Now let us know that the first miracle we have to achieve is to unite with our Heavenly Parent and True Parents with our hyojeong (a filial heart for Heaven). When I think that this is the way to inherit heavenly fortune, I hope that we have a mindset of hyojeong to become one with True Parents so that we love True Parents more and more, and experience miraculous heavenly works. I have received amazing grace revealing that True Father works with a pillar of cloud in heaven and True Mother works with a pillar of fire on the earth. I sincerely hope that you will allow us to become people who Satan can never invade, as we cooperate with True Mother and live a thorough life of faith.”
After Vice President Myong-kwan Lee led the participants in song and praise with “Grace of the Holy Garden,” everyone gathered their sincerity, heart and soul and offered their prayers to Heavenly Parent and True Parents with loud voices.

Ms. E.T. (30000 couple, 60s) from South Osaka Dist. shared her testimony of seeing True Mother and True Father when she arrived at Gimpo Airport: more 

Also Ms. A.H. (December 29, 2005 Blessing Couple, 50s) from Incheon Dist. shared her testimony of seeing True Mother and True Father right after she prayed out loud: more


SGJMK Officiated by True Parents
On the first day of the Great Works, the SGJMK, officiated by True Parents, was held with the 4,000 Japanese missionaries living in Korea, at the Cheonseong Wanglim Palace. True Parents encouraged and consoled the Japanese wives who are living in a different culture and environment. Then those who had their birthday on that day were invited to the stage to celebrate and receive gifts of holy items. True Parents gave the following words of encouragement: “I also know that everyone experienced unimaginable hardship and difficulty.”


2018 Hyojeong Offering Ceremony
On the second day of the Great Works, the 2018 Hyojeong Offering Ceremony was held with many members from all around the world. Before the Hyojeong Offering Ceremony began, the first chanyang was held. Japanese Section Chief Toshiaki Yokoi and the chanyang team led an enthusiastic chanyang on stage. All the families from around the world did chanyang together, singing “Grace of the Holy Garden” with one voice to the sound of drums and keyboard. The vast CSPWC was filled with their enthusiasm.

Then the Hyojeong Offering Ceremony commenced, and President Gi-seong Lee read a report of gratitude to Heaven: “We will start with a new commitment and determination to establish a substantial foundation for the world’s 7.6 billion people so that they can know the truth of the providence of restoration and attend the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. Please give us your unlimited grace and blessing during this Hyojeong Offering Ceremony.” Then True Parents gave us this precious message: “What I mean today is responsibility. Heavenly Parent had to fulfill his will, so he raised people anew, who were suitable to prepare for the foundation of the only begotten daughter. She was to be born, no matter what. Therefore, Heaven blessed Koreans as the chosen people and the only begotten daughter was born. She was to be responsible for the completion of the 6,000-year providence. It’s your responsibility. Responsibility. You must be responsible to fulfill the Vision 2020. In particular, Korea, Japan and the United States should become the central nations of the providence.”


Tree of All Things Prayer
The Tree of All things Prayer was held in the evening on the 2nd day. All the members gathered at the Water of Life plaza making a long line up to the Tree of All Things creating a sacred atmosphere. It was a precious time to repent, reflect and determine to become a blessed central family with the mandate of “have dominion,” the last of Heavenly Parent’s three great blessings. The beautiful light of the inherited holy candles created a sacred atmosphere; each member representing their nation became a revitalized true believer, true providential person, and true principled person. They established their authority within the heavenly direct dominion over all things and angels; and from the position of servants, they restored the parent-child relationship. We are eternally grateful to have established this blessed position here at HC, and for having received overwhelming glory and happiness.


Prayer of Gratitude
On the third day (Oct. 21, 2018), President Gi-seong Lee offered the following prayer of gratitude to True Parents: “I hope that all the members here become one with Cheongpyeong so that their shimjeong can grow stronger. When we realize that we can develop our shimjeong and inherit true love here, then we should naturally follow to fulfill God’s hope on this earth. Heavenly Parent, I pray that the grace and blessings that have been given to your children here make a significant difference developing their characters; and that it helps them manifest their positions as masters of this world.”
Ms. Y.L. (400 million couple, 30s) from Taiwan shared her testimony of hearing Heung-jin nim’s voice comforting her: more