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Hyojeong Cheongpyeong Special Workshop for Cheon Il Guk Leaders Hosted by True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind2018-10-25


True Mother’s unexpected call to attend a special Hyojeong Cheongpyeong workshop after the Cosmic Blessing activities was met with complete unity among Cheon Il Guk international level leaders and many national and local level leaders who were in attendance in Korea. Everyone worked quickly to change travel arrangements and make it possible for them to stay for this program, the content of which was completely unknown to everyone which turned out to be a deeply spiritual experience for everyone.
For three days the rain came down whilst everyone participated in a 3-condition rededication, renewal and reunification of heart with our Heavenly Parent and True Parents. The rain and the spiritual environment of Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center helped leaders cleanse their spirits and start anew.
On the last day of the workshop, True Mother shared stories from her childhood describing what it was like to flee North Korea as a child, how her and her family were caught and stopped on their first attempt and told to go home but had no home to go back to. Instead, they came back to the 38th parallel the following day and ran as hard as they could. True Mother described the need to run as one unit—as one body—to make it across safely. Likewise, she asked all the leaders to run with True Parents as one body where all the organs are united with the mind’s direction. Together, True Mother wants us to run harder towards fulfilling Vision 2020, which is only a little over one year away.
All the leaders at the workshop signed a resolution to complete the Blessing of 430 couples and fulfill their heavenly tribal messiahship within six months upon completion of this special three-day workshop. For America, True Mother has given subregional directors the authority to restructure their subregions so that everyone can fulfill this goal together. The leaders received seed money for their heavenly tribal messiahships with hopes expressed from True Mother that their tribes will grow quickly in six months.
Following the three-day workshop and True Mother’s address, leaders from America gathered at the Hyojeong Cafe for a follow-up meeting. Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, Regional Chairman of Family Federation North America shared the following message about heavenly tribal messiahship to those gathered.
“Everybody needs to fulfill the requirement of blessing 430 couples both vertically and horizontally to become leaders and Blessed Central Families. I visited International Headquarters to see how many I have completed, and the number was not as much as I had thought. We need to calculate from now on in order to catch up within the next year. We need to run toward this. This is the key point True Mother wants us to understand and practice.”(Provided by Family Federation for a Heavenly USA )
We would like to introduce some of the participants’ testimonies.


*Testimony: The only begotten daughter of Heavenly Parent

*Testimony: Isaac’s shimjeong suddenly came to me

*Testimony: Experiencing the spiritual body of Hyo-jin nim and Heung-jin nim
*Testimony: The experience of being united with blessed families and True Parents