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America Tour2018-08-24


On Augst 4-5, the 2018 America Tour: Hyojeong Cheongpyeong Special Event in Region 2 Washington, D.C. was held at the Student Union building at the University of Maryland, Southeast Region, Washington, D.C. with 700 participants. During the chanyang, many participants shed tears as they worked hard to liberate their ancestors and felt the power of their evil spirits being removed. Director of the International Department, Jin-hwa Chung, Section Chief of the International Team, In-pyo Moon and Supervisor Kishimoto Ryuichi prepared this event with their sincere devotion and guided everyone to successfully accomplish the entire program with a heavenly atmosphere.

Director of Region 2, Ernest Patton testified as following: “Some people had spiritual experiences, and all felt rejuvenated. During chanyang, one brother had a very clear vision of seeing True Father’s office in the spirit world. The office was magnificent, elegant, and gigantic. Outside the office, thousands and thousands of tiny people were climbing the circular stairway to go into the office to meet True Father. We are so deeply grateful for this experience that has helped us free our ancestors and clear our hearts and minds. We are excited to be living in this golden age with you. We look forward to a future filled with heavenly tribal messiahs who can influence the politics and culture of the elder son nation as we build a heavenly USA.”