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Gapyeong County Residents Hyojeong Singing Contest2018-06-02



On May 6, the third day of the Great Works, the Gapyeong County Residents Hyojeong Singing Contest was hosted by the Gapyeong County True Family Movement Headquarters and was held in the outdoor square of Cheongshim Peace World Center, where Gapyeong county residents who live in 13 local areas gathered.
In this contest, nearly 1,500 people participated, including Gapyeong County Governor, Seong-gi Kim; A Member of Parliament, Yeong-woo Kim; the Korean Senior Citizens Association Gapyeong County President, Jin-seong Kim; Gapyeong Cultural Center President, Man-jong Kim; Gapyeong County legislator, Geum-sun Kim; Good Living Movement Director, Jae-seon Ha; etc. as guests and the senior citizens of Gapyeong County’s 6 local areas.
This contest consisted of the performance of singers that were invited and the main contest of participants who were selected as representatives from their local area. There was also a prize drawing lottery, which offered various free gifts such as a refrigerator, television, washing machine, resort accommodation tickets, health supplements, and others, as well as food and health care booths that were operated. With the Seorak Mayor’s booming three cheers of Eog Mansei at the end, this contest where the Gapyeong county residents enjoyed a harmonious festival was closed.