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The 5th Anniversary of Cheon Il Guk Foundation Day2018-05-07




The 5th anniversary of Cheon Il Guk Foundation Day was held in Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center, at 10 am on January 13 by the heavenly calendar in the 6th year of Cheon Il Guk (Feb. 28, 2018). Centering on True Mother, around five-thousand people took part in the ceremony, including FFWPU International President, Sun Jin Moon, Hyojeong World Peace Foundation Chairperson, Yeon Ah Moon, Universal Cultural Foundation Chairperson, Julia Moon, other CIG leaders, office members of the providential organization, and Blessed Families.

True Mother came up to the stage in a beautiful azalea pink Korean traditional dress, received a bouquet of flowers from International President Sun Jin Moon couple, and moved to the podium to give the special address. (→ Read True Parents’ Address)

After the speech, True Mother bestowed awards to continental representative blessed families who had accomplished the heavenly tribal messiahship mission, and took commemorative photos with them. Following was the Hyojeong Cultural Festival, where the FFWPU representative teams of Heavenly Korea, Heavenly Japan, Heavenly USA showed their performances, and a 2nd generation team from STF Europe sang two songs in chorus. These young people from STF Europe had worked hard for the success of World Summit Africa 2018, which was held in Senegal, by special direction of True Mother. They made a path in the island of Goree by cleaning the roads, attending True Parents with sincere devotion. For the final performance, the Little Angels sang traditional folk songs, which brought tears to the eyes of Mrs. Kathy Rigney, a special envoy.

After three cheers of Eok Mansei, the second part was the yutnori tournament for harmony and unification. Participants divided into four groups named Hyojeong, Cheonwon, Harmony, and Unification. The tournament was held in the main hall of Cheonseong Wanglim Palace, giving a chance for each team to test their fortune for this year. It was a dynamic elimination match in which 5,000 participants shouted out their team names and caught their opponents’ pawns only to be caught themselves. Team Hyojeong and Team Harmony met in the finals, and Team Harmony won the first place. True Parents came to the hall during the final match and watched the game with everyone. After confirming Team Harmony as the winner, the Vice President of FFWPU for a Heavenly Korea, Jin-tae Ju asked True Mother to say some words. True Mother said, “It is evident that “We are one” is the solution. We must go forth united as one in perfect order, to establish and settle Cheon Il Guk all over the world!,” encouraging us once more to unite as we move forward to accomplish the settlement of Cheon Il Guk. 

​(→To see more photos)