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January 2018, Week One: True Parents’ Special New Year's Gathering with Cheon Il Guk Leaders2018-01-24


True Mother visited the 4th floor of the HyoJeong Café on January 3 at 1:00 p.m. to bless the training center and celebrate the 2018 New Year. Along with True Parents’ special New Year's gathering with Cheon Il Guk leaders, a total of 2,250 members from around the world attended the weekly training sessions. The trainees at the HyoJeong Cheongpyeong workshops received great grace while offering their devotion to bring results and give True Parents joy as children with hyojeong (a filial heart for Heaven).


1. Vision 2020 National Pastors Special Meeting for the Family Federation for a Heavenly Korea

This 2 day event was held at the Main Hall of the Chinhwa Education Building B on January 4, with 420 pastors and leaders participating. In the opening speech on the first day, President Gi-seong Lee said that True Mother emphasized that we are the subjects of our environment. Therefore it is we, not the world, who must make the decision to establish a Heavenly Korea, despite the conditions of our surroundings. Thus she said that every pastor must keep the church lights on 24 hours a day; this will attract people to us through spirit and truth. He clarified that if we didn’t use the Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center, which is like a mother’s womb, in a proper way, the eternal homeland where spirits are re-born and the spirit world and physical worlds are liberated, would be put to shame before Heaven; thus we shouldn’t miss any opportunity to become central figures of the providence. He also emphasized that we should know about True Parents and attend them thoroughly. The past 5 years have been a time to build our foundation, and for the remaining 2 years, our spirits will rise like the bamboo tree after a rain by the grace of the substantial Holy Spirit. He continued saying, “We must have conviction and hope to establish a heavenly Korea. We will then see True Parents’ works through the substantial Holy Spirit. We must make a fresh new start and become one with Cheongpyeong.”
Vice President Myong-kwan Lee emphasized in his lecture to the participants that Cheongpyeong is a holy ground which Heavenly Parent prepared and reserved as home for an international headquarters. Vice President Lee also introduced the providential changes that have taken place at the training center, from its opening in 1971 to True Parents’ recent supervision of the Cheon Bo Won Genealogy Center. He explained that through the Cheongpyeong Works the spirits are restored and even the spirits in hell are saved, centering on our Heavenly Parent and True Parents. He went on to explain the changes in the spirit world after True Father’s ascension. He also talked about the change from the previous era of Heung-jin nim, as Commander in Chief of the spiritual world and Dae-mo nim’s works to the era of True Parents’ direct dominion, the era of automatic heavenly works, centering on the substantial Holy Spirit, True Mother. He delivered a general explanation of the reason why this change was unavoidable from True Parents’ providential point of view through the contents of Cham Bumo Gyeong, Cheon Seong Gyeong and True Parents’ recent words.
On the morning of the second day, the Korean national pastors went to the Cheon Jeong Gung Museum and attended the 2018 True Parents’ Special New Year’s Gathering with Cheon Il Guk Leaders. The New Year’s gathering was divided into three parts at the Cheon Jeong Gung Museum. After lunch, they moved to the site of the Cheonji Sunhak Won and prayed for the safety of the entire Cheonji Sunhak Won construction project. Afterwards, the pastors came back to the training center and attended chanyang yeoksa. chanyang yeoksa was held in the Jeongshim Won prayer hall for the first time since its construction. It was led by Myong-kwan Lee (MC) in the following order: preparation hymn, family pledge, representative prayer by Vice President Myong-kwan Lee, chanyang yeoksa, praying out loud, and 3 cheers of Eog Mansei. Along with enthusiastic praise from main vocal team leader Yokoi, the lecturers of the training center helped the world leaders and pastors remove evil spirits with the spiritual privilege that Heaven gave them. Afterwards, those who had been assisted by the lecturers uniformly expressed their experiences in testimony, saying, “I felt heat and grace from their hands.”
The Korean national pastors deeply carved these experiences into their hearts, feeling True Parents’ love and grace through each event. Through chanyang, a special lecture by the Director of the Cheon Eui Won Committee Young-hui Kim, shimjeong prayer, hoondokhae, and their special 2018 New Year's gathering with True Parents, they determined the victory of national restoration and Vision 2020.




2. 2018 Seonghwa students’ 14-day winter HyoJeong workshop




The 271 seonghwa students from across the country participated in a 14-day workshop from January 6, held on the 5th floor of the Chinhwa Education Building B. At the opening ceremony held at 7:00 p.m. on the first day, Vice President Myong-kwan Lee said, “The Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center is connected to the spirit world and physical world; this is the place where you can experience the works of the absolute good spirits and angels. True Father, Hyo-jin nim, Heung-jin nim and Dae-mo nim will visit here from the spirit world to be with you.” He went on to say, “All of you came to the Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center through the guidance of Heavenly Parent and True Parents. While you actively attend chanyang yeoksa and Jeongshim Won prayer for 14 days, my hope is that the absolute good spirits will be able to get rid of the evil spirits in all of you.” He continued to say, “You have to be someone with a dream; draw a picture of what kind of person you want to become. In order to achieve your dream, first you have to be healthy, second keep faith through prayer and church life, third make a plan and actualize it.” Also quoting from True Parents’ words, “Before desiring to dominate the universe, first achieve dominion over yourself.” He emphasized that since our Heavenly Parent planted within all of the seonghwa students valuable seeds which make them capable to fulfill their dreams, it is up to them to make the flowers bloom. On the second day, they had time at the Main Hall to make teams, hear a special lecture on Cheongpyeong by team leader Yu-sang Jeon and another lecture on chanyang by team supervisor Ju-hwan Kim, consult with seniors, write shimjeong reports, and participate in a prayer at Jeongshim Won. This workshop is scheduled to run until January 19.


3. The 1403rd HyoJeong Cheongpyeong Workshop



On 11.20-21 by the heavenly calendar of the 5th year of Cheon Il Guk (January 6-7, 2018), the 1403rd HyoJeong Cheongpyeong Workshop was held. Vice President of the Family Federation for a Heavenly Korea Jin-tae Ju gave a speech about the Osaka HyoJeong Family Festival, which was held on November 21, at the opening ceremony of the 1403rd HyoJeong Cheongpyeong 2-day workshop. Before the main speech, he read True Mother’s words. “Everything started from the spirit, and true word. You say you pray for True Parents with all your heart. Of course it is also necessary to offer your devotion as an individual, but making a condition with a goal to bring all of your heart and devotion together is more important! Do you know how much effort our members put into this Japanese rally? Among the many elders I met, there was one of them who devoted himself daily for 27 years at the holy ground, in prayer. When I think why the providence of Japan proceeds so quickly, it is because they have kept offering devotion.” (November 23, 2017, True Mother’s address at the Victory Celebration in Cheon Jeong Gung)

Starting Family Life as a Spirit and Physical World Blessed Family
That same weekend after the ancestor Liberation Ceremony, 63 couples (58 Japanese and 5 Korean) participated in the event titled, Starting Family Life as a Spirit and Physical World Blessed Family. Vice President Myong-kwan Lee read hoondok material about the spirit and physical world blessing and gave a benediction prayer. Japanese team leader, Toshiaki Yokoi, gave detailed guidance for starting family life. Here, we would like to share a testimony.


*Testimony: Writing wish papers brings victory for a heavenly tribal messiah